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Barack Obama dancing on Sunny Leone’s song ‘Baby doll me sone di’

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 03-04-2014 16:32:21

Tags : Barack Obama dancing on Sunny Leone’s son’    

Entertainment is the key to happiness and fun. Art work inspires everyone and the splendid art when continues to dance is something exciting and shocking. Mohit Lakhmani, the renowned contemporary artist has come up with an enticing fun video that makes the viewers dance and entertain in a different manner and nevertheless this video is just the trail. This famous and skilled artist would come up with several electrifying videos in the near future. In the video, Barack Obama, the president of America looks funny in Sunny Leone’s song ‘Baby doll me sone di’.

Making you dance to the fullest, this is a video that would certainly not stop your laugh. Mohit  invites all directors, actors and other collaborators to become a part of their team and try to come up with something new and funny. 

For more information or details you can contact :
Mohit Lakhmani :  +91 9540705769

Email id: [email protected]

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