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Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 23-05-2013 21:58:41


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EPIC - Review by Abhinav Jha-Age 15

Buckle up for an amazing and thrilling ride to reveal the real beauty of nature. Epic has successfully shown the amazing and tiny side of nature in a beautiful way. Based on the children’s book “The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs” by William Joyce, the movie is directed by Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember and produced by Lori Forte with Jerry Davis. The movie comes from Blue Sky Studios who is also famous for their hit animated drama movies Rio and Ice Age and distributed by 20th Century Fox. Let’s have a glance to the story of the simply beautiful Epic and let’s find out – Is the name Epic worth of it?

The story is basically about a teenage girl named Mary Katherine a.k.a M.K. who visits her father Professor Bomba after a long interval of time. Professor Bomba lives in an old house near a forest with his dog, Ozzie. Professor has been studying about tiny warriors for a long time who are the protectors of forest. Professor’s deep research about the tiny men results in creating friction with his daughter M.K. who decides to leave the forest due to lack of attention.

While leaving, she is led into a jungle trying to find Ozzie where trying to catch a glowing leaf she is shrunken down. In her minuscule state, she discovers the group of warriors her father has been studying since long known as The Leaf Men

Being a part of the tiny men, she is forced to assist them in a war against the evil known as Boggans and their horrifying ugly leader Mandrake and save their world and ultimately ours, while figuring out a way to home in her normal state.

How does M.K. make her way out from the jungle in a normal state is the rest part of the story which is full of thrills, action, romance and undoubtedly a great work of animation. 

The beauty of the nature is well presented by the Blue Sky Studios. Epic is a beautiful mixture of animation, drama, comedy, action and music. The 3D experience of Epic makes the action scenes really thrilling. 

The film is described as a “battle deep in the forest between the forces of good and evil”. The film is a really beauty and the children are going to love it a lot. If you want to see the beauty of nature then this movie will not let you down. Well, the movie is worth of its name and it’s Simply Beautiful!

Rating - 4 / 5

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