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Mackevision Receives Emmy Award Nomination for Visual Effects in "Game of Thrones"

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 11-07-2014 21:25:23


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Mackevision Medien Design GmbH ( has been nominated for its contributions to the fourth season of US television series "Game of Thrones". 

Today, "Game of Thrones" was officially nominated for this year's Emmy Award in the category "Outstanding Special Visual Effects". The successful HBO TV series is in the running with its tenth episode of season four, "The Children".

With this nomination, Mackevision, specialized in CGI-Visualization and Post-Production, celebrates the first big success for its VFX Department, founded in 2013.

The Primetime Emmy Awards are the most significant television award in the US. The 66th annual Emmy Award ceremony will be held on August 25, 2014.

VFX Supervisor Jörn Großhans played a key role in the success of Mackevision's efforts. The "Game of Thrones" veteran has already received the prestigious Emmy Award for the previous season of the series. Together with VFX Producer Katharina Kessler and a team of over 40 artists, Großhans was responsible for 72 VFX shots over the course of nine of the ten episodes of this season. Eleven of these shots can be seen in the episode nominated today.

Under the overall supervision of VFX Supervisor Joe Bauer and VFX Producer Steve Kullback of US Television Company HBO, Mackevision worked alongside other world-class VFX facilities to make this series the groundbreaking visual experience it is.

"We're extremely happy about this nomination," says Jörn Großhans. "In episode ten, we have worked on very beautiful, highly complex and dramatic shots. Being nominated is a great honor for everyone involved in creating the show's VFX."

Over a period of six months, Mackevision's team focused on their specialized VFX tasks, creating crowd replications, full CG ships including the required water simulations, as well as set extensions and digital environments.

All towards a single goal: to create the impressive canvas of Westeros, where all the scheming and fighting takes place. Such as the city of Braavos, which can be seen for the first time this season and was created as an elaborate full CG digital environment by Mackevision.

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