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Eeksaurus invites you to celebrate freedom from polio in its New Ad Campaign for Rotary International

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 01-04-2014 15:41:34

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Mumbai, 1st April, 2014: Celebrating life in unison with freedom, 2014 is the year when India finally gets to exalt in its victory over the long battle of polio. To mark this achievement, Rotary International - an organization working for humanitarian services, through the design and creative efforts of Eeksaurus, has launched a special campaign which will literally pull at the strings of your heart.

The script created by JWT that is based on the concept of a young child determined to break free from the bonds that hold him down, is a simple yet effective rendition of how the impossible can be made possible when people join hands in working towards a cause. The sweet music in the background is sung by children from the slums of Govandi, further spelling out true empowerment from its very ethos.

Speaking about his experience on working on such a campaign, Suresh Eriyat, Founder & Director at Eeksaurus says, “The core ethos of this campaign was to reach out to the masses hence no caste, gender or creed was highlighted. Indian tradition leads us to believe and rely on our fate or ‘haath ke lakeer’, whereas two drops of polio can change your entire life. Brainstorming with the team of JWT, we wanted to bring out the message that there is hope and lives can be beautiful when people work together. What greater way to convey this than through the use of strong imagery and music? We went a step further to use traditional instruments such as the Birimba, a single string instrument from Brazil, to emphasize on the sensitivity of the situation.”

Highlighting the brief and the ideation on the campaign, Senthil Kumar - National Creative Director from JWT, India says, “When Rotary International briefed us on this noble project, we knew that we had to create something that stood up to this giant step of a Polio Free India. Without words we wanted to spread the message that through combined efforts, it is possible to overcome even the most difficult of problems. When my team came up with the idea of join hands with Rotary, we knew immediately that there was only one maestro i.e. Suresh Eriyat who could bring this idea to life and we didn't even look anywhere else.”

Concentrating on the design centric approach to weave distinct stories for every brand, Eeksaurus looks forward to working on many more such campaigns which truly challenge the definition of communication with the masses.

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