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Touch a heart, change a mind

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 28-05-2014 13:10:36


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Mumbai, 28th May, 2014: Continuing to inspire to break the shackles that hold them down, Rotary International has once again joined hands with JWT and Eeksaurus to create a memory that will be etched into your heart forever! A mission that began in early 2011, today the Rotary International has successfully undertaken 5000 heart surgeries for underprivileged children across the country.

The campaign so aptly called “Saving Little Hearts” portrays the story of a little girl who is left restricted to the hospital bed due to her severe heart condition. It is only when an adult hand comes forward to lend her unconditional support that she is able to gain the confidence of breaking away the bonds that pull her down to go ahead and enjoy the little joys of life starting with swaying her worries away on a swing.

Commenting on the creation of the televised ad of the campaign, A.C. Peter, India National Coordinator of the Gift of Life Program says, “Saving Little Hearts was designed and formulated to ease the suffering and give a normal life to children suffering from congenital heart diseases. There are thousands of children who are in need of immediate heart surgery to stay alive. Unfortunately, most of these cases are among those children who are below the poverty line and cannot avail of these expensive surgeries. Through the efforts of Rotary International, today, after 3 years, we have been successful in completing 5000 heart surgeries and aim to continue doing so through joint efforts.”

Senthil Kumar from JWT, who along with his team are responsible for the ideation behind the successfully running campaign says, “Rotary International came to us with the idea to reach out to the maximum number of people in India as well as communicate the efforts of Rotary International. The campaign detailing India’s achievement as being polio free was a huge success. We wanted to thus apply the same idea to this campaign as well as it is all about touching the strings of a person’s heart to bring people to work together”.

The man behind the creation of this simply marvellous campaign, Suresh Eriyat (Founder and Creative Director – Eeksaurus) says, “Animation is a levelling factor and we have seen the impact of this through the Rotary International Polio ad campaign. This time again the brief given to us was to showcase the efforts of Rotary International in bridging gaps by joining hands to give more children a new lease of life. Such congenital heart diseases are not much spoken about and hence our focus was also on the difficulty and struggle faced by a child in such situations. In doing so, music has helped us supplement the emotional distress the child is going through as well as the joy of exhilaration when the difficulties have been overcome.”

While the process for small changes that make a huge difference goes on, Rotary International along with JWT and Eeksaurus aim to spread the word among more individuals through heart rendering stories that appeal to all sections of people.

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