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Adobe Announces ColdFusion 11 for Rapid Web and Mobile Enterprise App Development

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 02-05-2014 19:15:11

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Adobe has announced Adobe ColdFusion 11 Enterprise Edition, an all-in-one application server that offers developers a single platform to rapidly build and deploy scalable, high-performing web and mobile applications in enterprise environments. Adobe ColdFusion 11 includes new features to speed up development, testing, debugging, and deployment of mobile applications by taking advantage of developers’ ColdFusion expertise. Additionally, with ColdFusion 11 Enterprise, developers can create and manipulate high-quality PDF files and add peace-of-mind with secure profile, default server lockdown, and other security enhancements.

“The increasing demand to deliver enterprise applications on mobile devices is driving developers to seek greater efficiencies in their current mobile development workflows,” said Naresh Gupta, senior vice president, Print and Publishing, Adobe. “Adobe ColdFusion 11 provides a complete end-to-end mobile development platform for creation, debugging as well as testing applications across multiple devices, enhanced PDF capabilities and greater security.”

New features in Adobe ColdFusion 11 Enterprise Edition, include:
Fast Mobile App Development : ColdFusion 11 helps speed up mobile app development by using developers’ existing ColdFusion Language skills. Developers do not need to learn new technologies. In addition, developers can enhance their mobile application development workflow by using on-device debugging and multi-device inspection capabilities.

Work with PDF Efficiently and Effectively : ColdFusion 11 provides full access to Document Description XML (DDX), so that developers can do a lot more with PDFs, such as adding comments, bookmarks, file attachments, and headers and footers with automatic page numbers. Further they can customize the appearance of PDF files by setting page margins, size, and rotation. PDF files are also made more secure with electronic signatures. Developers can leverage new archiving capabilities to enable preservation of electronic files as long-term, self-contained documents of record. An improved conversion engine from Adobe generates superior quality PDF files from HTML pages.

Enhance Security and Performance: ColdFusion 11 helps limit security risks by restricting default remote access to the admin portal. Developers can make servers more secure against click-jacking and cross-site scripting by using new functions to sanitize user input. Programmers can maintain and modify existing code faster and more easily with member functions on ColdFusion objects and extend the power of HTML5 web sockets to public-facing web applications with real-time server response. Finally, they can publish data more securely over Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Helpful Links
Product page:
Developer Community:

Pricing and Availability
The new Adobe ColdFusion 11 Enterprise Edition is immediately available and priced at US$8499. Upgrades from earlier versions of ColdFusion are available here.

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