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Book launches at Hyderabad Comic Con 2014

Posted By : Mukesh    At 01-10-2014 23:03:15


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Title-  GARUDA
Published By: Orange Radius
The synopsis: When the magic of vedic mythology meets the realism of pre Harappan city states, you get a world in which 'Garuda' is set. The storytelling is done from perspectives of multiple characters who scheme and ally in a world fatigued by incessant Devasur wars.

On the one hand it has fantastical creatures who gorge on humans and other humaniod races, and on the other it has intricate play of power, both military and economic. Ambitious from the very outset, Garuda will introduce readers to characters that have been lying at the fringes of myths they have read so far.

Orange Radius Arts Private Limited will be launching Garuda as a webcomic at the Hyderabad Comic Con, primarily done in a Black & White format. While the webcomic series will continue, Delhi Comic Con shall see a printed, colored version of the first chapter being launched.

We truly believe that the plot, characters, and the treatment have an international appeal and it will not just be appreciated by domestic but also by global audiences. The intention with Garuda is to make it a continuing mega series available for consumption globally.

Title- Item Dhamaka
Writer: Shamik Dasgupta
Artist: Zoheb A. Momin
Colorist: Raghavendra Kamath, Mohan Prabhu
Published By: Aayumi Productions

The Synopsis: A dynamic duo of a scorned Apsara banished from Devloka and a cowardly Asura banished from Asurloka team up together on earth to fight against a conspiracy that has spilled out from the heavens. Incidentally the apsara's present occupation is a star performer in the biggest dance bar of mumbai and the asura happens to be a bouncer in that club.

Title- Sarvasangraam
Published By: Raj Comics
The Synopsis: Fate of all the eras lies upon the result of the deadly competition called SARVANAYAK PRATIYOGITA. Every hero of each era must play and win the competition in order to save their era. Will they be able to do the impossible? Witness the greatest battle of all time.

Title- Dragon King
Published By: Raj Comics
The Synopsis: Dinosaurs! Dumb and deadly creatures from the past, But they were not that dumb as we know. They were more developed than we can ever imagine. They have come back to destroy the human race and to claim what is rightfully theirs.  Will Nagraj be able to save the human race and defeat their leader the DRAGON KING.

Title- The Seven Beasts
Writer: Syed Shehzor Mujthedi (The author is 12 years old boy)
Published By: Partridge Publishing

The Synopsis: The story “ The Seven beast” by Shehzor Mujthedi is about the imaginary revelation of extraterrestrial lives of certain aliens existing somewhere far off in an another world, Planet “ Sedcas” having 8 different countries in it. The aliens are nothing but mythical creatures on which we create stories describing them as fierce, ruthless and barbaric dragons with no mercy at all. Yet they are so simple in nature that they never quarrel over future heirs and rulers as we find in our past and present lives.

They just accept someone born with golden horn made of flesh on its head by birth, he is said to be superior to rule over their planet. One of their Rulers called “Ultimos Draco” suddenly gets information about a possible attack on his Kingdom. Draco seeks advise from members of his trusted council and detectives who suggest help from the 7 Beasts of the another planet, since they are most powerful with special powers.

King Volinoir Draco died after a few days of the death of his son. As He left no heirs to become the King, the great Draco Dynasty had come to an end. It is true; it was not such a great idea to make little kids Kings. They have just come to the world and ask them to rule!! It’s true, Kings are not born, and they are made!

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