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Over 2M downloads on launch weekend for Bruce Lee: Enter The Game, published by Hibernum

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 02-12-2014 21:15:52


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Game developer and publisher Hibernum and Bruce Lee Interactive, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC) are proud to announce the release of Bruce Lee: Enter The Game, the only official mobile fighting game developed in partnership with the Bruce Lee Estate.

Bruce Lee: Enter The Game, a side-scrolling 2-D action mobile game, hit the iTunes, Google Play and Amazon app stores worldwide on Thursday November 27th, the birthday of the martial arts icon Bruce Lee.

A worldwide launch of this magnitude is a first for Hibernum's publishing division who released the game simultaneously on three app stores and in 12 different languages across the world. The studio located in Montreal with 155 employees was selected by the Bruce Lee Interactive to develop and publish a mobile title that would entertain and be enjoyed by millions of Bruce Lee fans around the world.

"We have wanted to develop our own Bruce Lee game for a long time," said Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee's daughter and CEO and owner of Bruce Lee Interactive, LLC.  "There have been other games that have been released over the years but none that we have been so intimately involved with from beginning to the end.  We are super excited to have worked with our partner Hibernum to create a game that we love, that we think captures the spirit of Bruce Lee and that is extremely fun to play."

"Releasing on different platforms and in so many languages simultaneously is a huge challenge which our team has successfully achieved!" said Louis-René Auclair, Vice-President and Chief Brand Officer at Hibernum. Bruce Lee Enter: The Game saw over 2M downloads and was featured by all 3 app stores during the first weekend of the launch. "This major deployment reinforces Hibernum's status as a leading developer and publisher in the industry and opens up the door for many new partnership opportunities," added Auclair.

In Bruce Lee: Enter The Game, published by Hibernum, players will get to fight as Bruce Lee while defeating thousands of enemies with intuitive gameplay in 40 action-packed levels. Easy to pick up and hard to master, the game is filled with dozens of costumes and weapons authentic to the one and only Bruce Lee.

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