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Not just education or games, Indian parents push for diverse content for kids through’s ‘Let’s Build’ campaign

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 12/4/2014 1:16:08 PM


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Mumbai, 4th December, 2014: Spelling out the winds of change in parental perceptions for internet for kids in India, recently marked a total of 57,000 plus responses towards its online feedback campaign ‘Let’s Build’. The campaign which runs online at has received responses from the 31 states across India. has released early trends and perceptions that they have been receiving highlighting the need for diversity of online content for their kids in the virtual space beyond just games. In addition, more than half of parents have highlighted the need for a perfect blend of creativity and learning. Out of the total responses received, some of the trends that showcased their popularity included that 66% of respondents voted for art and craft, 76% for world places and 59% to decorate their homes.

Speaking on the overwhelming response received, Mr. Monish Ghatalia (Founder – says, “We are elated to have received such a great response within such a short period of time from our target audience. Whereas, it was usually considered to be taboo to use the two words ‘internet’ and ‘children’ in the same sentence, early trends of the feedback campaign are showcasing that parents are becoming more accepting towards their child’s usage of the internet. This is further highlighted by the fact that 52% of our respondents have been parents. It is heartening to see that parents are giving us genuine feedback showcasing their trust in in initiating change and progress in making the internet a better place for kids. ”

The campaign which was recently launched in association with Amitabh Bachchan promoting the cause of responsible internet, seems to have stirred up to become a platform for one to openly share their thoughts and ideas for change. Fast moving through mommy communities as well as a kid’s social circle, seems to have spread ‘feedback fever’! The feedback campaign which invites parents and educators to speak up and say what they would like to see in a website for kids allowed for participants to choose from three categories of ‘Learn’, ‘Express’ and ‘Play’ also invited them to share their own unique thoughts towards the campaign.

Furthermore, the team has also spread its wings offline reaching 15000 students in schools across the country. With an average of two feedback forms filled every minute, the ‘Let’s Build’ campaign has surely opened the flood gates to a new era of not only crowd sourcing ideas, but also paying attention to the consumer!

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