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Interview with Varun Mehta – Wiz Animation Studio – Founder, CEO

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 23-05-2013 21:37:12


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Tell us little bit about who you are? Who do you work for? What is your job profile?
Varun Mehta : I belong to an academic background. Both of my parents operate a prestigious School in Aligarh City of India. I have graduated in Masters of Arts in English Literature. I am a self learnt artist, and have been operating my production house ‘Varun Mehta Productions’ since seven years. In seven years, my production house has given several International Award Winning shorts –both National and International. On June 30th 2012, I officially launched my Animation Studio with a new name ‘Wiz’ which will carry forward the legacy of seven years hard work.

Since how long you have been working in the animation industry?
Seven years

Name few of the projects that you've worked in the past?
My Banner ‘Varun Mehta Productions’ has given three Internationally and Nationally Acclaimed Award Winning shorts – Crystal Ball Which was for HP YouonYou Contest,  Save Trees Which won the Best Film for India at ‘Green Go Fest in Hungary, Europe in December 2011, and The Unknown World that won the Best Film for India at Buzzgoo International Film Festival 2012 in May.

'The Unknown World' ...what makes you choose this particular topic?
Female Foeticide, is a very common and a very unfortunate issue, In our country where we Worship women Idols, female babies are being killed everyday. Its very painful and shameful. I was moved by this topic when I read a particular item in a newspaper couple of years back. That idea gave birth to ‘The Unknown World’.

Tell us something about “Wiz Animation Studio”?
Wiz Animation Studio has been launched to carry forward the legacy and success of ‘Varun Mehta Productions’. When I started working on a desktop seven years back I never thought I could make this here where I am today. That time obviously there was just a banner. But now I felt that I should re-launch my studio in a proper way for better means. Wiz Animation Studio shall take up projects regarding animation, VFX and motion graphics. Our Studio would be a little different as we would take selective work that suits us. We are more Inclined towards International Projects especially for shorts, and Issue regarding Animation Films. We hope to create a niche of our own in a short period of time.

Does “Wiz Animation Studio” have any projects in hand?
There are some but they are in the development process, hence its too early to talk about them. However, we have already announced our Animated Film ‘The Survivor’ which is about floods. It will see its release at the end of 2012 hopefully.

What inspired you to choose a career in animation industry? How did you go about pursuing it?

I was never a born artist because I only got inclined to it when I once got ‘C’ in school. That Incident stroke me hard and today I don’t even know how many sketch books I had filled in my childhood. But I was sure that I wasn’t born to just draw and paint. There was more to it. When I finally got a computer. I could automatically start making images on it, moving them, playing with them. Once I made a girl with a powerpoint presentation running on a skateboard below on tracks and I didn’t realize I made an animation film. So stepping in Animation world was my destiny. It became the most part of my life.

When I finally realized I need to learn a lot, I went to Delhi to pursue professional skills in animation. Unfortunately, Not even one Institute out of three could provide me the training I was looking for. I thought that my money got totally tanked. I dropped from all those three institutions and started to learn on my own. God had been very kind that I managed to make a mark on myself. With hard work and continuous efforts, I made some Award winning stuff that helped me to survive in this Industry.

What would you advice to the people, who wish to choose ANIMATION as a career? Please share your best practices that can be helpful to freshers.
My only advice to the people choosing ANIMATION as a career that they should take ANIMATION as a creative medium and not just a source for getting jobs. This career requires hard work, efforts, Imagination, patience and determination. Before stepping in this Industry, they should make sure that they have full interest in this field and they are ready to contribute for its progress and development.

Do you conduct any kind of seminars or workshops? What sort of events and seminars would you recommend?

Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule I don’t get much time to conduct them on my own. However I do being called by various teams who handles and conducts such Seminars and Workshops and I try my level best to attend them. 

THE UNKNOWN WORLD has been declared the Best Film at Buzzgoo International Film Competition at Columbia, GA, US. The Film has topped on both - judges' scorecards and Voting Panel. The film has been awarded with a cash prize of 5000 $.
For the info :
Daughters Are Precious: Female Foeticide. Large-scale killing of girls before birth has led to a serious gender imbalance in the Indian population, and severe social problems as a result
NEWS : THE UNKNOWN WORLD is declared the winner of February video contest by getting most votes on thanks to all who liked it

A new way to say 'STOP FEMALE FEOTICIDE'
The Unknown World is a 2D Animated Film based on Female Feoticide. It Talks about an 'Unknown World' set by a baby child in her mother's womb where she plays, dances there and waits for the new world to enter...
Every thing seems happy......till we decide to 'ABORT' the World.
Awards and Honors : Best Films At Psa Film Festival Dbica 2011.
Screening at PSA Film Festival 2011.
Screened at International Animation Film Festival India 2011.
Created, Edited, Animated and Directed by - Varun Mehta.
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