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Interview with Nilesh Muley, Director - Prabho Shivaji Raja

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 23-05-2013 21:46:30


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Tell us a little about who you are. Who do you work for? What job do you do?
I am co-founder and director of an animation studio named Infinity Visual.

Since how long you have been working in the animation industry?
Well I am working in animation industry from past 7 years ever since the Infinity Visual established.

Name few of the projects that you've worked in the past?
Infinity visual have worked for many reputed companies (can’t disclose name and job tittles)

What kind of projects you have done as an animation director?
As animation director, I mainly do the classically animated projects.

Tell us something about“Prabho Shivaji Raja”?
Prabho Shivaji Raja is an animated historical drama based on the life and times of the legendary Maratha warrior, Shivaji Raja. The film is an ode to the king who through his military genius took on the might of the Moghuls and freed his land from their tyrannical rule of more than 350 years. And yet history remembers him as much for his heroism as it does for his sense of justice and equality of his subjects, irrespective of class or religion. The film, a 1920 X 817 cinemascope will be presented in three languages - namely, English, Marathi and Hindi. The music for the film has also been recorded in two languages - Marathi and Hindi.

‘Prabho Shivaji Raja' what makes you to choose this Historical story? What were the difficulties you have faced while working on ‘Prabho Shivaji Raja’ & also let us know about the next step please?
It was tough decision to make a film on historical subject but we followed the ideation of to tell the story to our people. The biggest challenge was to develop a production pipeline for the classical animation since their was a challenge to combine CG animation and animation done on cell. As an artist, I will keep on experimenting me and my team simultaneously doing animation.

Share some interesting experience you have experienced while making ‘Prabho Shivaji Raja'. What were the technology you have used while the making of ‘Prabho Shivaji Raja’?
The pure classical animation techniques were used. An independent production pipeline was design to combine the CG as well classically generated animation.It took over 2.75 lakh sketches till date to develop and more than 9000 background created after deep study of location throughout Maharashtra.We organized research tours; visit palaces, photograph location, draw thumbnails and then a total independent stylization for the film develops.

Let us know about your team member and how are you able to manage the team successfully.
The team working for animation in majority were the artist with fine pencil skills.Yes, it was tough to lead such team because you have to follow the first rule of leadership is ‘no matter who goes wrong in team but everything is leaders fault’ but character of Shivaji Maharaja teaches me a lot.

‘Prabho Shivaji Raja', how important would yousay is it to understand the character?
It is our first criteria to understand the characters.One cannot devolves the character unless and until he doesn’t understand its features, persona, attitude, etc.   

What is the single most important key area in the making of an animation movie?
Every department has its own challenges like pre-production is a department which lasts till post-production; like character animator has different challenges to face and the secondary animator has different challenges to face.In similar way, there are dozens of different departments with their own new challenges.

As a creative and animation director, what is your favorite task and why?
Actually being a filmmaker, I like every stage of filmmaking.

What one should learn for becoming good animator?
One should stop concentrate on learning softwares and should concentrate on learning techniques.I mean one should learn animation techniques, should develop pencil skill as well as visualization.Then any software could adoptvery easily because softwares keep changing but technique remains the same Like I said “weapons changes by time; technique remain same”

What inspired you to choose a career in animation industry? How did you go about pursuing it?
It was my childhood dream to be an animator ever since I saw first animation,very few people live their dream in their life and I am one of them.

What would you advice to the people, who wish to choose ANIMATION as a career? Please share your best practices that can be helpful to freshers.
One should not come in industry because he is not interested in studies or just because he wants to do something different. There is no alternative to hard work and dedication.One should be interested in animation film making; he should be a hardcore artist. If not, he should learn it sincerely, since there is triple work here in media than any other field. If someone is ready for this then only he should think to come on this way.

How do you feel your work has progressed since you started your career?
Experience is a best teacher it definitely polishes your work 

What do you think about Indian Animation Industry?
India has the most ancient history of storytelling. Animation Industry should flourish more here. I hope ‘Prabho Shivaji Raja' will start a new trend.

Before we wrap up, would you like to give any message to our audience?
Animation is ideal way of storytelling and the Shivaji is ideal character for this form.

Thank you Nilesh for sharing your experiences with us and all the very best for your future endeavors.

Interview by - Abhinav Jha

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