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Man of Steel: Dauntless Drama!

Posted By : Abhinav Jha    At 22-06-2013 11:43:36


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Review by - Abhinav Jha

Man of Steel, a movie full of VFX, action, drama and everything needed to hit the box office is directed by a director(Zack Snyder) well-known for action flicks such as 300 and Watchmen, a producer(Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight)known for rebooting franchises; and a cast of award winning actors who have delivered commendable work time and time again.The Dauntless Drama is released worldwide on June,14 in conventional, 3D and IMAX theatres. So, let’s have a flick to this Dauntless Drama!

The story revolves around Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) to find out who he is and ultimately do battle with a baddie from his long devastated home, Krypton. On this mission, we see him taking on ordinary jobs and trying to find some clue as to how he arrived on Earth.

In the meanwhile, Kal-El (Clark Kent) discovers a vessel buried deep within the ice somewhere in the wastelands of Canada and discovers who he is via the an interactive hologram of his long dead father Jor-El (Russell Crowe).

Clark Kent, now Superman is now on a mission to save the Earth from the cruelty of General Zod, and take the revenge of his father. How he succeeds in his mission is the best part where people got to see amazing work of VFX and screenplay.

The astounding VFX of Man of Steel is done by Legendary Pictures, Syncopy, DC Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and edited by David Brenner.

On the story front, it’s good but the climax is too long drawn out but the animation and VFX makes up to this lacking point and makes a good mixture of a hit box office movie. Not only the kids, but even the parents must be happy watching it as it makes a family popcorn flick movie.Man of Steel is worth itstitle and a must watch action flick.

If u want to see a movie bundled with VFX, drama, action then Man of Steel has made up to the point and will not let u down. Man of Steel can be said as all in one dauntless flick.

Rating 4.0 / 5

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