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Curious Quiz App Review

Posted By : Abhinav Jha    At 03-08-2013 15:54:19


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Review by Amit Baliga

Quizzing as a hobby is perceived only for the intellectuals but there are few instances where you feel that you too can break the barrier and be one amongst the elite! Playing this app gives you one such feeling.

With 240 questions to be precise, spread over 12 categories (20 questions in each), this multiple choice Quiz app will actually test your knowledge repository.  Right from stuff which you would have read in newspapers to the ones in school and college, you will find all under one roof here, ready to test your curiosity.  Topics as diverse as Rebus Puzzles to Logos to Sports to Superheroes to Science and Literature. And most of them accompanied by a visual too!

This app would surely make you the Einstein amongst your friends or help you enter the Quiz or TV shows, cracking their preliminary rounds with ease. In-depth research seems to have been for there are questions which would make you feel enlightened like the Buddha! And it would infuse a 12-year old kid with the same enthusiasm like it would do to a 21-year old guy.

The level progression is smart, it is only quite late that you begin to feel the heat in case the chosen topic is alien to you. Then is where the Lifelines come into picture: Hint for 20 coins almost gives you the answer while 50/50, again for 20 coins, eliminates two of the confusing options, thereby clearing your way to target bulls-eye. You get to start with a decent amount of coins and upon exhausting it, you can shop for as low as $0.99. The best deal is whopping 2500 coins which you can get for less than $5, i.e. 150% more!!! And in case you are thrifty enough not to loosen your purse strings, there is provision for Free Coins too, which you get can get by either rating the app or sharing it on social media.

The best part I felt about this Curious Quiz app is its game-play. There is a session summary after every ten questions in each chapter, which gives you a break from the race against time. You can not only get to know your correct and wrong answers’ summary but you can also replay the incorrect questions you answered at absolutely no extra cost. Just click on Replay and bingo- you have your second shot at luck! And you always have an accompanying kitty meowing, so that you are not alone in the endeavor to get an AWESOME compliment.

This app is available for FREE on Google Play store here and being around 35 MB, downloading it should be a breeze. Developed and published by a top 20 global iOS games company, this is one of their sincere efforts to mark their mark in the Brain & Puzzle category of Google Play. Games2win already has Parking Frenzy 2.0 as their claim to fame. A very well positioned app to be the next 4 Pics 1 Word from India.

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