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When you meet ALOK KEJRIWAL ...

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 15-05-2013 20:03:40


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Only the name is enough. If you wish to have fame, money, peace then you should consider Alok Kejriwal as your ‘GURU’ without any sought of greed. Listen to his words with deep concentration because in this corrupt world, his each word holds a valuable position. We spend a lot on personality development courses, attend several success seminars but in my opinion, of you follow the words described above; you will get to learn a lot.

"How I met alok kejriwal for the first time was totally an encounter". He had come to a charity event in a school in Nallasopara and luckily I was also there. Later, I found that he is the founder of Games2Win. I tried to talk to him but didn’t get a chance. It is said, “If anything good is going to happen, then it will happen”….. he was in search for a shortcut to the highway and I knew  one; so, I sat with him on the front seat of his car with him. Being our first meet, I didn’t know from where to start with; so, after a couple of minutes I asked him, “Sir! What is your next step in Games 2Win?” then he explained me all in details. After some time, I gave him my Business card and he asked me if ‘webmantraindia’ and ‘animationgalaxy’ were both my ventures? And I replied in instinct, “Yes!” and then he asked me my age and my reply was “28”. He gave me a compliment of “Great… you got a bright future ahead” His few words were enough to energize my body and mind. I don’t know why but I wanted to talk to him more so instantly I searched him on Facebook and sent him a request. All day long, I used to get some motivational status of him that inspired me a lot.

My second meet with Alok Kejriwal was at Bandra Kurla Comples, NSE in Mumbai where he had organized a free seminar for entrepreneurs like me. Normally, we used to get bored in seminars but it was my first time where I was there for 3 hours and was enjoying it a lot. He respects entrepreneurs like me, teach us the right path, and teach us the goods and bads of business which we need a lot. All types of people were there in the seminar. That was one of the best life changing seminar for me and everyone.

One of my friend had come with me who was frustrated those days but after seminar he was all energized and said, “Seriously, if such seminars are organized every day, then we will progress really good.”He was really very happy with Alok Kejriwal.

As a film needs 3 entertainments to hit the box office, in the same way u need a ‘GURU’ to be succesfull in life not necessary you talk to him every day, meet him everyday but follow his footsteps with sincerity.
Alok Kejriwal is an inspiration for thousands like me. Alok Kejriwal is that name who had changed the view of business and life. Frank speak, inspirational smile, no place for negative things…..According to me, his every meet is full of energy, full of aims, an unforgettable memory is……. ALOK KEJRIWAL

In this article, I have written the experience that actually happened with me….

Mukesh Dube, Founder - Animation Galaxy

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