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Evolution of super heroes: Sharad Devarajan at TEDxGateway

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 3/5/2014 6:02:17 PM


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Sharad Devarajan, the CEO and Co Founder of Graphic India, the Indian subsidiary of Liquid Comics spoke at the recent TedX event. We think it might be of interest to you and therefore share the link for your reference or use. 

Sharad is of Indian origin and is known as the golden boy of the graphic novel vertical. He is credited with creating the only bona fide trans-creation of the Spiderman franchise, known as Spider-Man: India; where Peter Paker is known as Pavitr Prabakar.

He started his career as an artist with Marvel comics where he realized the obvious connect between the medium and the cultural wealth of his roots in India.   Having had a strong foundation in academics with a BFA degree from Syracuse University and an MBA from Columbia University (where he is an Adjunct Professor ) Sharad chose to utilize his strengths both as a visionary and a well networked individual to create Virgin Comics in collaboration with Richard Branson.

Sharad was the Co-Founder, CEO and Publisher of Virgin Comics LLC and Virgin animation Pvt Ltd, a set of companies he co-founded with Sir Richard Branson Deepak Chopra, Shekhar Kapur. In 2008, Sharad led a management buyout of Virgin Comics, renaming the company Liquid Comics.

 A strong believer that India currently is home to the next J K Rowling, Grant Morrison (Co-creator of Batman), Stan Lee (Co-creator of Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men etc) and Steven Spielberg, he has established Graphic India. Graphic India is a character entertainment company focused on creating leading characters, comics and stories for the Indian youth market through mobile and digital platforms. Graphic India presents an unrivalled platform for Indian artists, storytellers and animators to showcase their talent.

Sharad has currently relocated to Bangalore to grow Graphic India and oversee the creation of content for  franchises such as Chakra, the Superhero from Mumbai (A Stan Lee creation), 18 Days (a Grant Morisson creation), Devi (A Shekar Kapoor creation), Sadhu, Ramayan 3329AD alongside the Gabbar and Sholay graphic novels . This content is developed for both the international and Indian audience and will be made available across print and digital platforms. Graphic India is also soon to release apps across digital media. 
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