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underDOGS Gaming Studio comes up with the Next-Gen 3D endless Racing Game on Android Store

Posted By : Mukesh    At 09-09-2014 00:59:07


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Mumbai, INDIA – September 5th, 2014 – underDOGS Gaming Studio has  announced the release of their new addicting game called HIGHWAY MADNESS on Android Store. The team of just 5 developers is quite excited as the game is already liked amongst early access team of players.

You drive the Car full of cash evading every possible obstacle on your way, performing breathtaking skids and near misses. You have one life to experience the nerve chilling speed on the highway, so get your reflexes ready and gear up! The game has 3 awesome power-ups that let you be invincible,magnetize the coins and boost your speed on your journey.

"We needed something very speedy and at the same time addicting, people can play the game whilemulti-tasking with just Tilting the phone. Players start it as a time killer and then get involved in it!”,said Vaibhav Chavan, CEO of underDOGS.

HIGHWAY MADNESS is an endless racing game which drags player to experience the speed at
terminal velocity. It features 50 distance levels and 23 awesome achievements to unlock. The game is rich with social elements which include 2 major leader-boards featuring player’s total and best  distances worldwide. You can also beat the tree of your friends as you progress within the game.

“The game is out on Android and is getting good traction, we are working on the iOS version and eventually work on Windows Phone to have a presence on all platforms.” Added Vaibhav.

HGHWAY MADNESS is available on Google Play market:





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