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The Foundry launches COLORWAY for CINEMA 4D

Posted By : Mukesh    At 09-09-2014 02:00:45


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London - Following the unveiling of COLORWAY in July, The Foundry has now launched the COLORWAY kit for MAXON Cinema 4D. COLORWAY accelerates the creative design process, giving users access to a simple environment where they can develop looks and lighting for 3D objects and scenes, then share a selection of iterations with clients, all in real-time, without the need to re-render.

The COLORWAY kit for Cinema 4D lets users import and export their COLORWAY files into the main app. Once installed, users can create COLORWAY .DCI files from their Cinema 4D projects. Artists and designers can make their material and lighting adjustments using COLORWAY and then send the project back to Cinema 4D for final render. The COLORWAY kit is compatible with Cinema 4D R15 or later.

“We are really excited to bring this COLORWAY integration to Cinema 4D. Expanding the COLORWAY ecosystem so that Cinema 4D users can access our new software is a really important step for us,” comments The Foundry’s COLORWAY Product Manager Matt Brealey. “We want people to be able to create their assets in their favorite 3D app and experiment with this cool new technology.”

“The new COLORWAY Kit for Cinema 4D is an especially exciting option for our design customers,” said Harald Egel, co-founder and CEO, MAXON Computer GmbH. “It gives them access to flexible material and lighting tools to improve workflow efficiency and enhance the creative process.”

“Cinema 4D is our 3D software package of choice and an integral design tool in all our campaigns,” comments Tomasz Opasinski, Creative Director/Owner of Los Angeles-based entertainment advertising boutique ImageMassive, which has been beta testing the COLORWAY kit for C4D. “Access to COLORWAY is easy and exporting from C4D as simple as opening a PDF file. The ability to effortlessly make ‘look’ and lighting revisions will be a valuable, time-saving tool when working on title and logo treatments for movie posters.”

COLORWAY working with Cinema 4D will be demonstrated at IBC 2014 in Hall 7, stand #H39.

How does COLORWAY work?

Using the COLORWAY kit for MODO or Cinema 4D, users can export a .DCI file into the main COLORWAY app.

Once in COLORWAY they have creative freedom to quickly experiment with their looks and finalise a selection of configurable scenes.

They can then send those files over to a client or colleague working in the COLORWAY Presenter app.

The COLORWAY Presenter user can tweak to find their favourite variation of the image, before sending their chosen looks back to COLORWAY.

Material and lighting changes stored in the approved COLORWAY Presenter file can then be sent back to the source 3D application.

Iterative workflow - Make almost limitless changes to a 3D scene's colors, textures, decals and even lighting set-ups.

Realtime, GPU powered updates - Make non-destructive changes instantly to renderings.  Changes are stored independently of the source image.

Communicate more clearly -Save multiple image variations and ‘looks’, enabling clear downstream communication and design review.

Empower the reviewer -critique variations with the free COLORWAY Presenter app and send desired looks back to the 3D artist.

Finalize the image - Iterate on subtle image details without the need to re-render.

Access a free unrestricted trial of COLORWAY today. COLORWAY Presenter and the COLORWAY kits for Cinema 4D and MODO are also available now for free.

The COLORWAY family of products is available on both Windows and Mac OSX, with an iOS version of COLORWAY Presenter coming soon.

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