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Cartoon Network's "Thanda Deemag" contest for kids

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 06-03-2014 12:30:38

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The exam season is back! But kids have no reason to fret. Cartoon Network has lined up all its superheroes and cartoons to help kids relieve stress and exhaustion. Throughout March kids will be treated to fun contests, new movies and entertaining stunts.

Student and superhero Kris, from Roll No. 21, has packed his school bag with loads surprizes to keep kids entertained during weekdays. Kris will be dishing out easy exam tips, presented by Kokuyo Camlin, to help his fellow classmates keep a level and calm head during stressful situations. Kids can get a refreshing dose of adventure, fantasy and laughter with Roll No. 21 movies from March 24-27, 2014 at 1pm. That’ not all! Kris comes bearing gifts as well. Tune in to the ‘Thanda Dimaag’ contest every Monday to Thursday at 1pm throughout the month and win cool prizes like iPads, School Bags, Stationary Kits, etc.

Cartoon Network’s ‘Thanda Dimaag’ contest for kids to tackle exam fever With Holi set bang in the middle of the exam season, the new movie My Name Is Raj 4 – Vizukama Ki Takkar scheduled to premiere on March 17 at 12pm, will add colour and give respite to children. Other movies premiering during the month include Bhootraja and Ronnie 2 on March 08 at 12pm and Arnab aur Jadui Locket on March 22 at 12pm

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