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An App That Resolves All Your IRCTC Queries in less than Three Minutes-Haptik

Posted By : Mukesh    At 26-08-2014 23:11:33

Tags : IRCTC Haptik App    

An App That Answers All Your IRCTC Queries inless thanThree Minutes-Haptik Say Goodbye to Railway woes with a new category addition to the app

IRCTC Handle in Haptik

What will it do?

Users will now be able to message the "IRCTC" handle inside the Haptik app to get any information related to Indian Railways. This will include:

·  PNR Status

·  Ticket Availability

·  Timings & Schedules 

·  Anything else related to stations, services provided, etc


Have you ever banged your computer in frustration having been unable to check your PNR status on the IRCTC website? Or been thoroughly annoyed with the extensive maneuver that needs to be done in order get one simple query answered? Well you are not alone. Thousands of disturbed Indians secretly clench their fists when India’s most used website fails them. Bringing a boon to this bane, is the introduction of a new segment in Haptik an app that provides information and assistance across several product and service categoriesin under three minutes over a simple interface of a messaging window.

The new IRCTC category inside the Haptikapp (Available for free on iOS& Android) is a giant leap taken to ensure that the painful process of customer support is completely eliminated. From PNR status, ticket availability to even schedule of timings and stops everything will be answered by a Haptik expert who is available via chat!"

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