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Launch of ‘Kids maze ABC’ App by Game Based Learning

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 09-11-2013 14:41:30

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PRWEB -Beatus Co., Ltd, educational mobile game specialized app developer, has announced its launch of ‘Kids maze ABC’ app on Nov. 7th. 

Kids maze ABC is designed for preschoolers and children up to the age of 9 to learn English animal vocabulary by playing maze games.

Kids maze ABC can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone & iPad, which enables the children to get their hands on what it may have been difficult to learn by introducing a maze game with the elements of fun and easy to access. Through this process, the children can learn to increase their concentration level, problem-solving skills and English learning ability, explains the app developer.

The main character, Veto, adventures various maze islands set in different themes, takes pictures of animals and pronounces vocabulary in native accents, differentiating itself from other competing apps where the words are mostly repetitive and monotonous. Another feature of Kids maze ABC is it enables the words and the images of the animals learned through various maze adventures are saved in an album and can be re-studies when necessary.

A marketing team manager of Beatus’ mobile division stated, “Kids maze ABC is expected to see a rise in the learning curve through simple operation and fun games” and that “we will further our communication with our customers by more active utilization of SNS.

To celebrate the launch of Kids Maze ABC, we have a promotion event of 50% discount on the price of the app. 


iOS Download Link :
Android Download Link :

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