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Faceware Launches Plugin for Unreal Engine

Posted By : Mukesh    At 8/12/2015 1:12:53 AM


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Los Angeles, Calif. - Aug 11, 2015 - Faceware Technologies, the leading provider of markerless 3D facial motion capture solutions, today announced the launch of the Faceware Live plugin for Epic Games? Unreal Engine 4. The new integration will enable UE4 developers to capture facial movements with any camera and instantly apply those movements to characters in the Unreal Engine. Those interested in the plugin can get more information from Faceware?s website or by visiting Faceware at SIGGRAPH 2015 (booth #753).

“Faceware Technologies has a long history of creating some of the most iconic and realistic faces in games and films,” said Peter Busch, vice president of business development at Faceware Technologies, “while Epic?s Unreal Engine is known for helping create some of the best-selling games ever. Integrating our real-time technology with their premier game engine was just a natural fit.” 

The new Faceware Live plugin works like this: Unreal Engine users capture an actor?s facial movements using any video source, such as an onboard computer video or webcam, the Faceware Pro HD Headcam System, or any other video capture device. That captured movement data is then streamed instantly into the Unreal Engine to drive a character?s facial animation in real time.  The facial movements display in real time via the Unreal Persona animation system.

The plugin was co-developed by Australia?s Opaque Multimedia (the company behind the Kinect 4 Unreal plugin, the UE4 integration with the Microsoft Kinect 2 sensor) and is ideal for quickly generating facial animation for animatics in the pre-viz process, or for creating facial animation for live interactive events, shows and concerts.

“The ability to combine the power of the real-time performance capture pipeline of Faceware Live, and the power and flexibility of Unreal Engine 4, gives developers an incredibly powerful tool,” said Norman Wang, the director of development at Opaque Multimedia. “Developers will be delighted to see how easily they can access the data from the Faceware plugin through the native Blueprint interface.”

Several unannounced projects that utilize the plugin will debut later this year.

For pricing and sales information, contact  or
visit Faceware at SIGGRAPH 2015 (booth #753).
For general product information, please visit theFaceware Live page.


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