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Take A Stand - Animation with a purpose, a single day contest by Animation Galaxy

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 6/1/2013 4:01:06 PM

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Thane, 1st June, 2013 : Animation Galaxy an information hub dedicated to animation, visual effects, and game development,at the end of its first year of operations,  now  takes another step at fuelling the passions of animation.

Animation is generally considered to be Cartoons for Kids, particularly to spread mythology. 

Empowering motion on-line, Animation Galaxy is an attempt to take animation forward - beyond cartoons for kids, beyond mythology, beyond time and distance - where imagination is bounded only by the frotiers of the sky.   With that in mind, Animation Galaxy is looking at animation with a purpose, a cause and a result that is meaningful to today's society,  specially the diversified, yet united, Indian society.  With its rich traditions and history, India's story-telling abilities, through visuals, graphics and art, are boundless.  Adding a social dimension to these abilities will, no doubt, empower animation beyond imagination.

The first step in this series is to highlight the condition of women in India - is it a "dying  species" - and the need for restoration of her glory and pedestal. They are constantly victimized by our developing society. There are frequent cases of female foeticide and killing or selling of the girl child, reported throughout the nation, with a startling regularity.  We often come across instances where a women is murdered for dowry - to be tortured till she is dead, unless she gets the money - which mocks the foundations of our system of justice, violated every now and then. The recent gang rape cases and domestic violence are perfect evidence to show how indian society is treating its women.

Women spread love and kindness wherever they go.  Glory, thy name is woman.  Can we, in whatever small way possible, make a sincere attempt to restore the respect this Gift of God has fallen from, due to no fault of hers?  To be a woman-protector does not mean to be a man-hater.  CAN WE TAKE A STAND?

 Let the world see what you feel about women in India, and what stand you take to protect this "dying" species - TAKE A STAND.

"At the end of its first year of operations,Animation Galaxy now takes another step at fuelling the passions of animation - events that will marry animation to social messages, animation with a social purpose transcending all barriers of caste, creed, sex, religion, language and place of birth.  As its first step, at the end of its first year, Animation Galaxy moves ahead with a "Take-a-Stand" contest", commented Mr. Mukesh Dube, Founder, Animation Galaxy

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