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The Largest Gaming Convention in the Southeast to be Held May 28th - 31st at the Georgia World Congress Center

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 14-01-2015 11:17:37

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MomoCon's year over year growth and new expansion into the Georgia World Congress Center makes it the largest gaming convention in the entire Southeast United States. Taking place May 28th – 31st, there will be 86,000 sq ft of exhibitor space, combined with over 105,000 sq ft gaming floor of console games, console tournaments, classic arcade cabinets, Japanese Dance Arcade, eSport events, tabletop gaming, card gaming, and roleplaying games. "The Southeast needs a strong gaming event to bring together the community, and there is no better place to do that than here in Atlanta with MomoCon." said Christopher Stuckey MomoCon's co-chair. This year brings the strongest collaboration with the regional game studios who will be hosting panels, demoing their latest games, and exhibiting.

The nearly 20,000 expected attendees will be able to enjoy the gaming hall along with panels from many 'mega' YouTube celebrities like Mega64, and the man behind the voice of Master Chief Steve Downes. Steve Downes will also be joined by Hollywood Actor Keith David, who voiced the arbiter in the Halo franchise. In total more than 50 celebrity guests are expected to be announced for MomoCon 2015.

For the fans expecting more of an anime con or comic con will find industry representatives hosting official panels with special announcements during the 4 day event. In total there are more than 16 panel and content rooms which will run programming from celebrities, companies, and local community groups resulting in more than 900 hours of content in the animation, video game, and comic spaces. "For those trying to figure out what MomoCon is, think of it more like a family-friendly Atlanta comic con." Jessica Parker, writer for Atlanta Area Mom's Blog.

MomoCon is an amazingly visual experience, with hundreds of mini cosplay events, and literally thousands of people in costume. 

For more information contact [email protected] 

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