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Seven Summits Studio's ambient game Petite headed to Windows 8 in June

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 19-04-2014 00:30:56

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Seven Summits Studio’s ambient game, Petite, is set for release in June for Windows 8. Petite is an ambient game that revolves around the life of a woman, while focusing on several key incidents that happen along the way. In every level, she's in a new situation, having several 'memory spherules' revolve her. You let out different emotions and control them to stop the spherules, thereby unlocking a different memory snippet every time. 

There are a total of 42 levels, which are sub-divided into childhood, teenage and adulthood phase of the woman. The art style chosen is minimal and abstract where all kinds of personal expression, characters and other miscellaneous objects are kept to a minimum, in order to give the work a completely literal presence.

Petite won the best game award at Microsoft's Dev Camps (event where you need to prototype an app/game in 12 hours). It has bagged an Honourable Mention (Top 10 worldwide) in the 'UX Challenge' of Imagine Cup. We've also been shortlisted for the Indie Prize at Casual Connect Asia which is being held in Singapore.

It is scheduled to release on Windows 8 in June, 2014, followed by iOS and the Android version few weeks later.

Asar Dhandala is doing the programming, art and design for the game. Vishesh Chopra is the writer and is responsible for the in-game story. Prithvi Raj Pawar is the music composer for the project. Shailesh Prabhu and Nawaz Dhandala have been mentoring them on design and technical font respectively.


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