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Pixar, DreamWorks Release OpenSubdiv Version 3.0

Posted By : Mukesh    At 6/25/2015 11:54:10 PM


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Pixar Animation Studios and DreamWorks Animation have announced the release of OpenSubdiv version 3.0, the popular subdivision surface library. This joint effort by the studios’ graphics R&D teams brings improved performance and reduced memory consumption, while continuing to leverage the massive parallelism available on modern GPU and CPU architectures.

OpenSubdiv 3.0 takes a bold step forward with a near complete rewrite of the library, greatly improving performance and simplifying the API.

The deep changes to the library have also yielded new levels of performance not previously achievable: GPU subdivision performance has been improved by a factor of 4x, while the core CPU subdivision algorithms have been improved by an order of magnitude, a 10x speedup.

Thanks to a revamp and simplification of the GPU shader architecture, screen­space feature adaptive tessellation in OpenSubdiv 3.0 is faster, simpler and now fits well into any existing rendering architecture, a huge improvement for DCCs and game engines.

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