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Animation is a tool that comprises of both art and technique.

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 4/12/2013 3:45:22 PM


Tags : Animation    Varun Mehta    

A passionate field that sets apart a person from being just an artist, Animation is also a source of learning, experience and knowledge. I feel proud to be associated to this medium. This is something that fills me completely. I am very happy about the progress of my friend Mukesh Dube’s website‘ Animation Galaxy .  It’s a wonderful informative site that covers all destinations regarding animation. Whether its breaking news, events, new stories, path breaking interviews, everything is just a one click away at animation galaxy. The website has also being associated with us for our past events – All India CG Digital Art Competition and currently also hosting one quiz contest with our Wiz Studio.

The new layout of animation galaxy is very impressive and I am really glad that the website is going places. I wish Animation Galaxy,MukeshDube and his team a very best of luck for the website’s success and a bright future. 

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