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Red Giant Ships PluralEyes 3.2 for Windows

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 03-08-2013 11:22:10

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Industry’s Most Trusted Audio/Video Syncing Tool Now Available for Windows

Red Giant today announced the release of PluralEyes® 3.2 for Windows, a new update to the industry’s most trusted audio/video syncing software. PluralEyes 3.2 for Windows automates audio and multi-camera video synchronization in seconds instead of days, giving videographers and filmmakers edit-ready footage without clappers or timecode. Its new interface and faster workflow revolutionize the post-production process for a faster setup with less gear, and greater control and confidence in the sync.

Red Giant has integrated PluralEyes and DualEyes features to create a standalone application that supports a broad range of professional filmmaking workflows, cameras, file formats and codecs. The new PluralEyes 3.2 for Windows is available for one price and with one serial number.

“With the highly anticipated release of PluralEyes for Windows, Red Giant is rounding out a great set of tools for filmmakers on both platforms,” said Andrew Little, president and co-founder of Red Giant. “Applications like PluralEyes, Magic Bullet and now BulletProof, are all solving essential needs of today's filmmakers at just about every point on their daily workflow - from on set to post.”

Joe Gunawan, an editor with SLRLounge.com, has been testing PluralEyes 3.2 for Windows and had this to say: "Whether you are a professional or enthusiast, PluralEyes 3.2 for Windows is an essential productivity tool. PluralEyes is now easier, faster, more accurate, and works better than ever before!"

The new release of PluralEyes 3.2 for Windows is a free update for existing customers, and offers a number of new benefits including:

Full support for Windows systems, and now imports/exports its timeline with Sony Vegas Pro

PluralEyes 3.2 turn post from tedious to lightning-fast, with performance specs up to 20x quicker than PluralEyes 2, and hundreds of times faster than synchronizing the old-fashioned way

A brand new timeline with visual feedback, giving filmmakers and videographers confidence watching the sync happen in real time. Users can also identify problems before they happen, and get some geek excitement by watching the sync occur in real time

Red Giant has integrated DualEyes features to create a standalone PluralEyes 3 application. Now users can sync footage before going into an editing platform

“Do It For Me” workflow enables PluralEyes to do the heavy lifting, when adding a group of clips as ‘Takes,’ PluralEyes decides their relationship while it’s syncing

New touch-up tools like Two-Up View and Synchronize Pair of Clips save time by adjusting the sync on-the-fly, offering you a full quality control step before the creative editing.

Pricing and Availability
PluralEyes 3.2 for Windows is available immediately and priced at $199.00 for new customers, and as a free update for PluralEyes 3 customers. PluralEyes 2 and DualEyes customers can upgrade to PluralEyes 3.2 for $79.00 USD. 

Note: This is a free upgrade for those customers who purchased PluralEyes 2 and DualEyes after March 17, 2012.

For more sales and product information, go to www.redgiantsoftware.com/products/all/pluraleyes.

The Red Pledge
Red Pledge is Red Giant’s commitment to customer happiness, with no purchasing hassles. Learn about the Red Pledge guarantee at www.redgiantsoftware.com/redpledge/.

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