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Virtualinfocom creates 3D Animated Game ‘Ashwathama’

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 13-09-2013 22:31:03

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After working on creative games like 3D car racing, Mahavir, Nascar, Saudia with Love, Virtualinfocom, a Kolkata based animation and gaming studio will soon be launching its 3D action adventure game known as ‘Ashwathama’. The best part is the game has been done using pure open source software.

As this studio is a strong believer in spreading mythology among youngsters, it has twisted the negative character known as ‘Ashwatama’ from Mahabharata to become a hero all through out the game. Arijit Bhattacharyya, Founder and CEO of Virtualinfocom, having a programming background and well versed in drawing sketches as well, he decided to combine art and logic in bringing out the mythological importance through this game. The reason behind such a twisted continuation of Mahabharata and the character of Ashwathama is because people are ignorant towards what happened to him, and there is a myth around him that he is still alive, as he was immortal (According to Mahabharata) . Till date in some parts in India people d think he is alive and is hidden from the so-called technology.

Every level in this game brings out an interesting adventure exploration as the player moves forward. In this game, Ashwathama is seen searching for the ‘Gem’ in this Kaliyuga as per the curse of Lord Krishna. The different background settings in this game play revolve around forests, valleys, flowers, thunder and other natural elements of the Earth. In short, in all the 21 levels, the player will unlock the new powers and spells by collecting the magic crystals and fighting with Demi God at the end of each level. There is no real winning for the game as the game has three different winning methods. 
In order to bring out such an interesting concept, the team referred to various sources like Sanskrit and Pali books.  They even interacted with Sadhus of Himalyans as well as Dr. Dhyanesh Narayan Chakraborty, a well known Mythology Gold Medalist. This in turn helped the Virtualinfocom team to use some specific color textures and variations throughout the game
Talking to Animation Galaxy, Arijit Bhattacharyya, Founder and CEO of Virtualinfocom, says “We have tried our level best to insert natural colors and old structures of ancient India to bring out the art and culture and combine the science behind it” The team started working on this game from Mid February 2013 and at present it has reached the production stage.

‘Ashwathama’ will be a paid gaming app which will soon be available on iOS, Android and for PC/ desktop users. This game is specifically designed for the audience of 15 years and above with global target audience, Arijit adds, “In India, it’s very rare that people pay for smart phone based games. But Europe and USA Citizens are open to paying cash for such action adventure games, but the situation is changing , may be in near future smart phone users in India will pay money to get smartphone games”

This game is specifically designed for the audience of USA and Europe, belonging to the age group of 15 years and above. 

He even added further, “It will surely make you think what is Good and what's Bad? Who is HERO and why shall I be called Negative Character? But on the other hand you will not forget the adventure trip one experienced all throughout the game”. 

Once this game attracts the players of the above-mentioned countries, Virtualinfocom will launch it in India in the near future. He even gives due credits to his hard working 17 team members including production team Ayan Sengupta, Amit Trivedi, Debarun Dey, Vandana Sarkar, Bijju, Mayank, Tarun and Kaushik. 

“We hope that the very fact that Ashwathama is an Action Adventure Game and creating another storyline based on a myth will make this game successful.” concludes, Arijit.

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