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RED Express Initiates Learning and Promotions through Visual Media

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 20-09-2013 12:21:08

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"RED Express regularly uploads videos related to its crew in action- including promotions, appreciation from its customers and other occasions on its YouTube channel."

RED Express believes in giving comfort and ease to its customers at every step. The world is moving at a fast pace and RED Express wants to keep up with the pace of this fast moving world. Thus, at RED we use modern techniques to reach out to our employees and customers in a more pro-active way. RED Express team makes a lot of videos on different promotions, learning’s and occasions. RED Express has a fully dedicated animation team to make these videos. As we all know, videos make a lot of impact and are useful for better retaining and learning.

The RED Express animation team makes many animated videos with a message in it. Videos on our launch, our network, online booking, tracking, summer promotion have also been uploaded. This shows our total transparent culture and our modern approach towards everything.

Our animation team has created our own animated characters which we use in making different animated videos to showcase our USPs and different services. We also make promotional videos of all our upcoming promotions for the convenience of our customers. All these videos are uploaded on our You-Tube channel.

At RED Express, we celebrate different festivals and occasions through our short animated videos. Our team has made special videos to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day.

RED Express organizes quarterly Reward and Recognition forums for its people. In these, the deserving employees get selected as a Star or Ace of the company. RED Express organizes a function for them, where the CEO of the company felicitates them. Videos of these forums are also made and uploaded on our channel. Star employees share their experience of working in the company with everyone through these videos. This motivates the others to do well also.

The team at RED Express puts in a lot of efforts at each and every step for its customers and assures them that it will keep surprising them in the future as well.

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