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Brain Academy : Game to exercise your brain by Manthan Studio

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The brain is like other muscles in the body – it can become stronger with more use.

The Brain Academy app on Ultrabook™ & Mobile devices provides a fun way to exercise your brain and make it stronger.

Featuring 12 mentally challenging games designed to engage thinking, memory, logic and more, Brain Academy is an exciting and engaging app for children, adults, or anyone who enjoys empowering their mind.

Brain Academy features
- Four different types of mini games designed to test the player's brain
- The ability for players to discover the stronger parts of their brain
- Fully optimized for a touch screen interface for learning interactivity
- Set a high score and let other know how intelligent you aren Acdemy Solutions Brief

Brain Academy is the entertaining way to stimulate, test and exercise your brain. It's designed for people of all ages
Children School-aged children can benefit from a fun new way to learn and reinforce subjects taught at school. Plus, they can strengthen their recall, logic and other skills to help them progress in school.

Adults/Parents When school ends, it's often difficult for adults to continue using their brain the way it was used in school. Brain Academy provides an easy way to refresh the things adults learned in school, as well as strengthen their mind.

Brain Academy is developed by Manthan Studio, an independent gaming studio based in India which currently has a portfolio of 40+ Games.

When developing Brain Academy, Manthan Studio optimized the game for the touch capabilities of Ultrabook devices for a more interactive, enriching experience.

Brain Academy features 12 challenging games under four subjects, including
Exercise the left side of the brain that is referred to handling math and analytics. Brain Academy tests the player's basic math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Visual Learning
Connect the pieces of puzzles within a limited time frame and more with challenges designed to test visual acuity

Test your memory through games that challenge your recall.

Logic Exercises
Discover how quickly you can determine the logic behind these mind challenging games.

As an Intel® Software Partner, Manthan Studio accessed Intel tools, code and support to help optimize the app for the powerful capabilities of Ultrabook devices. The company also received additional insight from the communities in the Intel® Developer Zone. 

"The development tools and support provided by Intel really helped us create a better game on Ultrabook devices," said Ranjit Singh, FOUNDER & CEO. "The touch interactivity display and sounds all combine to make Brain Academy a very fun and useful game."

The Intel® Core™ processors, visually rich display and touch capabilities in Ultrabook devices provide a fluid and stimulating gameplay. Players can drag, swipe and use other motions to interact and learn through Brain Academy.

"By utilizing both the touch and keyboard capabilities on Ultrabook devices, we've provided a fun new way to make your brain stronger," Ranjit Singh, FOUNDER & CEO said.

"Due to having access to Intel support and powerful capabilities of Ultrabook devices, Manthan Studios is currently exploring new possibilities for new apps that take advantage of the capabilities of Ultrabook devices." Ranjit Singh, FOUNDER & CEO noted. "We are now looking at how to further take advantage of this partnership".

Download & Play Brain Academy 
Windows 8 Store, Windows Phone 7/8, Samsung Apps , Blackberry World & Nokia OVI Store

Coming soon on iOS
Manthan Studio is a gaming studio based in Nagpur, India develops games for mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Blackberry and Java.

Get more information at www.manthanstudio.com

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