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Sound is an integral part of Animation - particularly the sound of music. But an animator himself turning into a musician, with the integrity of a perfectionist, is a lesser known trait of animation. For some time now, we have been presenting the musical talent of Madan Pania, better known as President of the Society for Animation in Delhi.  He sang.  Now he is on the flute.  His earlier renderings of the hits of the sixties have been heard by some - Sawan ka Mahina (Film: Milan) and Jyoti Kalash Chhalke (Film: Bhabhi ki Chooriyan).  And now comes the first take of the third hit of the sixties - Chaudhvin ka Chaand ho (Film: Kagaz ke Phool).  Retro Zamana, as he called the first volume of vocals by him, now turns the second volume - Flute recitals, hits of the sixties.

Ten songs - all hits of the sixties - are now being recorded for early release of the album.  RZ Vol 2 is slated for release in early November, 2013, and is believed to contain such hits as Shyam Teri Bansi,Jyoti Kalash Chhalke, Jo Vada Kiya Vo, Rasik Balma Dil Kyon Lagaya, Lambi Judai, etc.  Hold your breaths.  Here it comes.

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