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UBISOFT® acquires future games of London

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 07-10-2013 10:34:28

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Ubisoft has announced the acquisition of Future Games of London. As part of the deal, Ubisoft is adding the studio’s staff and the successful Hungry Shark® franchise to Ubisoft’s mobile business.

Established in 2009, Future Games of London (FGOL) is exclusively focused on developing free-to-play games for mobiles and tablets. With 41 highly-skilled employees, the company has achieved more than 100 million downloads across multiple IPs. FGOL created the successful brand Hungry Shark, a strong performer on the Apple Store®, Google Play™ and Amazon. Hungry Shark Evolution, the fourth installment in the franchise, already has been downloaded more than 30 million times since its launch and was a top 10 game on iOS in March.

“With this deal, we’re biting off an even bigger part of the market for mobile and tablet games,” said Jean-Michel Detoc, Managing Director of Ubisoft’s mobile business. “Future Games of London brings a popular and profitable franchise to Ubisoft’s portfolio, and supplements our mobile group with a very talented team that has a deep understanding of mobile and free-to-play mechanics.”

“We are thrilled to join Ubisoft and are looking forward to leveraging its scale, experience and support to expand our brands and maximize the worldwide reach of our very promising forthcoming titles.” said Ian Harper, Managing Director, Future Games of London.

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