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Unleashing Virtual Graphics: Citrix Tech Preview Puts GRID vGPU Within Easy Reach

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 07-10-2013 18:59:59

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The world of graphics just got a whole lot bigger with today’s launch of a tech preview from Citrix featuring the latest breakthrough in graphics innovation — NVIDIA GRID vGPU.

NVIDIA GPUs have been providing gamers with amazing experiences for decades. Professional designers have been using our graphics to design everything from soda bottles to supersonic aircraft nearly as long.

Now, for the first time, businesses can offer their employees all the benefits of modern graphics on the desktop — virtually — thanks to NVIDIA GRID vGPU.

The technology delivers a shared, virtual GPU that provides the same 100 percent graphics API compatibility as users have at their desks with a dedicated GPU.

 With vGPU, users can virtually connect to and work with all the rich visual interfaces and applications they’re familiar with, such as Windows Aero, Microsoft Office 2013, HTML5, Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk AutoCAD. And they can do it in a cost-effective, high-density infrastructure without compromising the graphics experience.

Three Steps to Virtual Graphics Goodness
To try NVIDIA GRID vGPU, you’ll first need to have an NVIDIA GRID K1 or K2 GPU configured in one of the more than two dozen tested and certified OEM platforms.

Next, install the latest open tech preview from Citrix. Anyone can access it.

Finally, you’ll need to install the NVIDIA vGPU Manager and Drivers.
Once it’s set up, each virtual machine will be allocated a fixed amount of graphics memory on the GPU by the NVIDIA vGPU Manager. All graphics commands will be directly passed unaltered from NVIDIA’s graphics driver, which runs native in the virtual machine, to the GPU through a virtual I/O channel where the graphics processor will then time-slide the graphics rendering for all the users sharing the GPU.

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