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Deshi Romance Android Application on Google Play

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 06-09-2013 20:36:02

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Ever felt nervous while expressing yourself to the one you love? Fret not. YRF brings to you the "Desi Romance" App! Now go ahead and convey your deepest thoughts...because what's life without some desi tadka? 

Steps to use the app:
1. Pick your Desi Avatar: Click on "Chokri" or "Chokra" to define your gender.
2. Pick your Mood: Choose from 4 different moods and tap on anyone to select.
3. Record your message: Tap on the "REC" button to begin recording your voice message. Press stop when you are done.
4. Share: Share your animated message with your loved one via various social platforms.

This app is developed by Vucentric Technologies and visual design by Girgit Studios.

For more info visit - Deshi Romance

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