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Adobe Director 12, Major Update for iOS

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 03-08-2013 20:38:41

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Adobe Director 12 Update 2, comes with major enhancements which enable In-app purchases, Retina display support, and Game Center for Social-Gaming etc. With this update Director 12 developers can create content which is more rich, and also address in-app revenue opportunities.

Adobe is pleased to announce the release of a significant update for Director 12.This update will boost the ability of Director 12 on many fronts, namely:

PVR Texture Compression:
extends support for Apple’s PVR texture compression (PVRTC) format for movies & games created in Director. PVRTC is a compressed texture used across all generations of iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices.

High Resolution Retina Display: support for High Resolution Retina Display for Movies or games created using Director. Default Retina mode publish to iOS devices supporting Retina Display.

Game Center : supports Apple Game Center for effective social-gaming, enabling Leaderboard & Achievement notifications etc.

In-App Purchase: supports iOS Store Kit, enabling easy purchase of virtual goods and subscriptions directly from within the app.

iAds Manager Xtra support: enables interactive and animated display of relevant banner ads from the Apple iAds server.

Adobe believes this development within Director 12 will further increase the volume of Director created games on iOS, whilst offering effective and easier development of content.

Additional information at www.adobe.com/products/director.html

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