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Prime Focus World successfully recreates the mystic space in ‘Gravity’

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 08-12-2013 15:29:34

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As the exclusive conversion partner on the acclaimed 3D film, Prime Focus strengthens its leadership position in the Hollywood 3D industry

Prime Focus World, the global leader in media and entertainment industry services, has reiterated its expertise in the 3D conversion space by providing exclusive conversion for the Warner Bros. space-thriller ‘Gravity’, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, the film made a grand opening at the 70th Venice International Film Festival in September, and has since garnered all round praise for its cutting-edge use of 3D pointing towards ‘outstanding post-production 3D conversion’ (Variety) and ‘exemplary 3D work’ (The Hollywood Reporter). Gravity has prompted the kind of enthusiasm for 3D viewership not seen since the release of Avatar; Prime Focus World delivered 200+ stereo 3D visual effects shots and graphic design work for James Cameron’s epic thriller in 2009.

Gravity broke the all-time U.S. opening weekend record for October releases, raking in $56 million in US weekend ticket sales two weeks ago. Last weekend, it collected $43.2 million to repeat as the top movie in U.S. and Canadian theaters.The space odyssey has garnered widespread appreciation for its 3D which is apparent from the fact that 80% of ticket sales are coming from 3D screenings, with global audiences choosing to pay premium prices for the spectacular effects. In comparison, Avatar, which was also highly regarded for its 3D experience, witnessed 72 percent of its sales come from 3D screening.According to a New York Times review, ‘Gravity treats 3D as essential to the information it wants to share. Nothing in the movie – not hand tools or chess pieces, human bodies or cruise-ship-size space stations – rests within a stable vertical or horizontal plane. Neither does the movie itself, which in a little more than 90 minutes rewrites the rules of cinema as we have known them.’ And this is what differentiates the movie from its predecessors.

In what has been the most detailed and sophisticated conversion to date, Prime Focus has been involved in the project since 2010, making ‘Gravity’ the most intense 3D project that the company has accomplished so far. Namit Malhotra, Founder and CEO, Prime Focus World, says, “Gravity has created renewed fervor for 3D movies, once again proving that 3D can provide cutting-edge entertainment. Use of technology in the movie is fundamental to its visual accomplishment, in simulating zero gravity and creating graphic splendor. Gravity’s 3D visuals push the bar to a higher level, forming a new benchmark for future movies, and the unprecedented critical and viewer appreciation is testimony to the continuing global appeal of the 3D visual format.”

In addition, Alfonso Cuarón, the director, in his interview to USA Today appreciated the use of 3D Conversion and said, “3D is fundamental for the experience of Gravity. The movie's immersive quality can only be fully experienced in 3D, from the vastness of space to the intimate isolation of the characters, the intense power of debris collisions to the serenity of the ever-present Earth. With 3D, audiences float in space.”

Underscoring the role of 3D in the film David Heyman, Producer of Gravity said, "I think the 3D is a character in the film, in a way, or it contributes to the character."A stunning mixture of high-tension drama, stand-out performances, photo-real CG, leading-edge conversion, and an auteur director at the top of his game, Gravity is both a huge creative and storytelling achievement and a wildly impressive technical accomplishment, and is set to transform audience perceptions of what is possible in filmmaking.

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