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Man of Surgery : Fan Gets 19 Plastic Surgeries to Resemble Superman

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 05-11-2013 01:30:48

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There are crazy fans all over the world. 35-year-old Herbert Chaves, originally from the Philippines, has 19 plastic surgeries to make himself look more like Superman.  

Herbert Chavez from going under the scalpel to look like the Man of Steel. Herbert first fell in love with the super hero - famed for his red cape and 'S' logo - when he was five-years-old watching him on TV. Chavez, a self-described “pageant trainer” has undergone multiple plastic surgeries to resemble his favorite character.

Lacking in both height and facial definition, Chavez’s Filipino features make it difficult for him to look very much like either Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh or Dean Cain, but that isn’t stopping him from trying his damndest to impersonate the character.

Chavez has been a fan of the Man of Steel since he was 5-years-old, and he also happens to be the Guinness World Record holder for largest collection of Superman memorabilia. According to Guinness, Chavez's collection is filled with 1,253 Superman-related items, but he says that number is now closer to 5,000 pieces. Chavez plans on increasing his collection to 10,000 pieces, and has even moved into a larger home to accommodate his obsession.

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