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ANTS - Animation Training Programme For Students

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 13-10-2013 01:00:13

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IT@School Project is empowering the student populace in the State with Animation movie making skills entirely based on Free and Open Source Software, through a mass state-wide training campaign. The innovative training session takes the students through a virtual tour on the entire animation movie making process comprising of phases such as identification of a story line, development of script and storyboard, drawing the cartoon characters, animating them, giving sounds to characters as well as providing background music, creating titles for the films and so on.

As part of this, a special state level training was provided to 5 students each from the districts which secured top positions at the State IT Fest, which was held earlier this year. These students transformed as resource persons in the massive training programme which was conducted Statewide using the Video Conferencing facility in EDUSAT network, from May 3rd to May 6th. Similar to the routine training programmes of IT@School Project, students who would be attending the above training at the District Edusat centers were able to interact with the experts in this field who were based at the Studio at Thiruvananthapuram via Video Conferencing.

The Free Software based application- Ktoon is majorly used in creating animation films. Apart from Ktoon, similar FOSS based applications such as GIMP imaging software, Open Shot video editor which could be used for editing cartoon pictures and sound mixing, Audacity, Kden Live etc are also being used for the training purpose.

The first Phase of the training saw 1586 students getting equipped in Animation Movie Making skills during May 2011.In the next month,as many as 286 students who were selected from the initial phase,were given advanced training in Animation.The third Phase of the Training which started on 5 th september would witness over 10,000 students,getting empowered in Animation Movie Making skills,perhaps the first of its kind in the whole world. 

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