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A New Journey begins with ‘Wiz’ Motion Studio!

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 02-01-2014 14:20:54

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Aligarh. Talented short film and animation filmmaker Varun Mehta’s studio ‘Wiz’ successfully completed one glorious year. A success bash was announced with the revamp of the production house with a new banner called ‘Wiz Motion Studio’ that will concentrate on making short films, documentaries, ads, music videos apart from animation.The Event was successfully concluded on Saturday 28th of December 2013 and saw a variety of guests related to art, animation and education departments. Madan Pania (President) and Subhash Siddhu (General Secretary also founder of Iqon Animation Pvt Ltd) took part in the event as chief guests and launched the new banner of ‘Wiz Motion Studio’ to mark a new beginning. 

The Actors who have previously taken part in Varun’s short films also joined the event to cheer the surroundings.Varun paid homage to his beloved Uncle Late. Dr Baldev Mirza – A scholar and a poet by profession and explained how he played a vital role in his development to reach where he is today. Followed by him, friends of his Dr Baldev were also present and shared few words about this great legend. After this segment, a trailer compiled of the films made in the studio was played during this time. Then Varun explained the Importance of short films to the audience and emphasised on how an artist regarding any form of art finds hard to be accepted in a normal way.He hopes to challenge the mentality of the city people regarding not giving Importance and Value to art/animation which it deserves. He also offers to help other artists for exposure. 

After this, Madan Pania, the Chief Guest of the show explained the society SAID (Society for animation in Delhi) helps in recognizing the gaps in the animation industry and offers new opportunities to fill them up. Subhash Siddhu comes up with his unique thoughts and motivates the artists on moving forward despite the fear of criticism. At the end of the programme, Varun announces ‘Blossom’ Short Film Festival to be held in the city on March 15th of 2014 which brings cheer and smiles on the faces of the audiences. Details of the festival as per reports shall be revealed shortly. Some of the special guests making to the event were – Dr Jamuna Prasad Rahi, an eminent Urdu Poet, followed by Dr. Arjun K Chawla renowned poet and ex principal of Three Dots Public School Aligarh, Manual Artist Mr Bishan Sharma, Pankaj Sharma known as Principal of Pooja Public School Aligarh and the team of Wiz Studio.

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