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Ganz,Creator of Webkinz, Launches Amazing World, a 3D Virtual World for Kids

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 04-11-2013 15:57:18

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(PRWEB) Ganz, the creator of Webkinz™, is officially launching Amazing World™, a new virtual world for kids

 Ganz, in collaboration with Ganz Studios, has launched Amazing World™, a Free-to-Play 3D MMO which expands on the popular Webkinz™ game-play model, designed specifically for children. The launch follows a year of open-beta testing. While in Beta, Amazing World received both a Mom’s Choice Award and a Dr. Toy Award.

Amazing World introduces kids to a brand new, interactive online world that features a variety of exciting game play: single player quests, design and dress-up customization, cooperative and competitive multiplayer games, moderated chat, item collections, and achievements. What really sets Amazing World apart is the ability for players to make the world more amazing. Players improve the world by completing story lines with intriguing characters and by building multiple indoor and outdoor spaces in their own home that they can invite their friends to experience.

While most of Amazing World’s content is free to play, access to some features and content requires a subscribed membership. This model ensures that every child can enjoy and participate in Amazing World.

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