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13 Lakh Views in just 7 days, Ad Film on Women Empwerment Launched by Whistling Woods International Creates Waves

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 31-12-2013 21:40:19

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In June 2013, the students of Whistling Woods International celebrated 100 years of Indian cinema through film screenings, free workshops and masterclasses. At the closing ceremony through Shabana Azmi alumni Ketan Rana was comissioned Rs. 5 lacs to direct a film on Women Empowerment.

Ketan who is a Direction Alumni of Whistling Woods gave a heart felt speech on receiving this award and said "On December 16th when the country was shaken after the terrible incident of the Nirbhaya rape case everyone was debating whether the rapist should be hanged or imprisoned till death; I couldn't help but think of how we can prevent this from happening again? So as a filmmaker I decided to make a film which focused on the root cause."

Produced by Whistling Woods International and with the support of Cinematographer Kiran Deohans, Music Composer Ram Sampat, Production Designer Sukant Panigrahy, Fashion Designer Neeta Lulla and Mukta Arts Limited he was able to produce a film that takes responsibility of bringing back the fearless attitude of several Nirbhayas and mirror harsh reality in a thought provoking way.

Usually in India, Public Service Ad-Films are dull and preachy and they do not connect or even attract the viewer's attention. However this ad has been an exception and has crossed over 13 lakh views within 7 days of its release, receiving positive reviews from viewers. Prominent national platforms like DNA, India Today, Zee News, Deccan Chronicle, and international platforms like Huffington Post, AOL, New York Daily News, Newsweek and Van Couver Desi have appreciated this thoughtful Ad Film and echoed the Ad's message, "By turning predatory looks back onto the perpetrators, Whistling Woods' PSA sends a powerful message, asking those who openly stare at women's bodies to think twice before they do so again."

Meghna Ghai Puri, President, Whistling Woods International said, "I am extremely proud of Ketan to have had a thought to create a campaign on women empowerment. Films are the most powerful medium to get across to society and I am positive that ads such as these will change the perspective towards Public Service Ads and make the difference we all need in our world at the moment".

Ketan Rana, Alumni & Director said "Feels great to see such a response from all over the globe.It happens very rarely to a film maker when he doesn't find a story but the story finds him. This is one of those stories. I decided to share this thought through a public service film and Whistling Woods supported me with nurturing the thought and providing the best of facilities and technicians, without which my vision would be incomplete".

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