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Star Sports set to redefine sports television

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 07-11-2013 13:04:23

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The News Corp-owned media and entertainment leader in India has announced that it is committed to invest Rs 20,000 crore in building the sports business in India. The investment will be used to fuel the expansion of sports coverage in the country as well as in building exciting new leagues including the Indian Super League in football, the Hockey India League and the Indian Badminton League over the next few years, it stated.

Simultaneous with this announcement, the network has unveiled a new brand for Star Sports across six TV channels - Star Sports 1,2,3,4, HD1 and HD2 and its online portal starsports.com. 

Uday Shankar, CEO, Star India, said, “Cricket is too big to be confined to just one channel. Today, we are redoubling our efforts to showcase the best of Indian and international cricket to the sports fan. We will cover more of it, have wider coverage, go deeper, use multiple languages and take it beyond television. The new brand is also about showcasing our commitment to other sports. While cricket will be central to our approach, we will also be faithful to our role as a sports broadcaster and bring in the best of local and world sports to India, whether in soccer, hockey, badminton, tennis, F1 or the many other sports that fans in India are deeply passionate about.”

“For us, this is not just about being the country’s leading sports broadcaster. We want to build a platform that will help nurture heroes out of the millions of passionate, young sports fans across India. We want sports to be the trigger for creating and nurturing outstanding new opportunities for India’s youth. And today, we are signalling that we are deeply committed to making this transformation happen, through our investments, our ideas and our efforts,” Shankar added.

Star Sports is launching the new network with an iconic campaign that urges India to ‘Believe’.  The broadcaster has signed MS Dhoni as its first ambassador. The campaign outlines the beliefs that have made Dhoni one of the most iconic heroes of our time. 

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