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Disney Interactive Lays Off 700 Employees

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 10-03-2014 18:34:22

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Disney Interactive  has laid off 700 employees from their gaming division today. That’s 26% of their staff, and it’s mostly in mobile, social, and web-based gaming.

Disney’s struggling video game and Internet division laid off roughly 700 employees on Thursday, or 26 percent of its global staff, in a major retrenchment that includes a shift in advertising strategy at

Along with the layoffs, Disney Interactive will close offices in Chicago, New Jersey, Colorado, South Korea and Hyderabad, India.

In 2012, Disney Interactive laid off 50 employees when it shut down Austin, Texas-based game studio Junction Point, which created “Epic Mickey.” That came after 200 employees were let go in January 2011.

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