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Spil games launches new ad revenue platform

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 26-03-2014 00:11:34

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Spil Games Platform: A Way For Game Developers to Make Substantial Revenue Through Free-to-Play

Spil Games unveils the Spil Games Platform, a new solution to help indie game developers drive revenue and engagement. The Spil Games Platform will share revenue generated from mid-roll video ads. These ads, capitalizing on the global surge in 30-second video advertisements, are strategically placed at “cliffhanger moments” within games to drive optimum engagement.

The Spil Games Platform ensures substantial earnings without taking the focus away from making games, and offers scalable revenue opportunities for developers who are struggling with the high costs and low returns from app stores.

Additional features of the Spil Games Platform for developers include:
Access to Spil Games’ 180 million monthly active users (MAUs) as well as millions more from the massive global audience of Spil Games’ publisher partners

Cross-platform monetization through Spil Games’ global advertising platform

Analytics and personal consultation to monitor game performance and to optimize in-game advertising placements

A portal to get revenue updates and easy-to-use APIs to trigger ads at cliffhanger moments for optimum video ad placement

A number of developers have participated in a pilot scheme of the Spil Games Platform and have seen amazing results in performance optimization; as an example, one of the developers involved is firmly on track to boost their standard annual revenue by a six-figure sum.

Hunter Hamster Studio, whose Snail Bob game has had more than 600 million gameplays, is a member of the pilot program. Its founder, Andrey Kovalishin, said, “Through the Spil Games Platform we got a great additional revenue stream that allowed us much more freedom to be creative, experimental and polish new titles. This ongoing additional revenue is something that really helps indie developers to hold on to their IP and work on new games with an element of financial security.”

Erik Goossens, CEO of Spil Games, said, “We designed the Spil Games Platform to appeal to indie developers wanting an alternative, and lucrative, way to make money and find huge and engaged audiences. It takes the strengths we’ve built up over the years – from deep insights into our audience of 180 million MAUs, to state of the art advertising technology – and combines that with a business model that makes indie developers thrive. We think this will be a highly profitable new revenue source for developers.”

For more details about the Spil Games Platform please visit

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