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The Challenges in Converting Sholay Movie to 3D

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 04-01-2014 00:13:38

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As the release of the most iconic movie of its time Sholay in 3D is around the corner, Maya Digital Studios, which essayed a vital role in the 2D-3D conversion exclaims about a scene which was the toughest challenge for them to convert it into 3D. Till date the scenes and the dialogues of this biggest blockbuster are the talk of the town. There is a scene in the movie where Basanti was in a mango farm to pluck the mangoes, the conversion of Hema Malini’s shot in 3D with the background of numerous mango trees was the most challenging task for this premier animation and visual effects studio.

“One of the most complicated frames from the film is, where Hemaji is standing in a jungle. When we speak about depth and 3D, each individual portion is a separate layer, with its own depth. From her nose, to the hair, to the flexed hand, to each and every tree, to every leaf of each tree become a separate layer which has to be pulled out individually and then composited together to form a 3D frame with the right depth, making this scene the most difficult scene to be converted in 3D,” said Mr. Ketan Mehta, MD & Chairman, Maya Digital Studios.

Maya digital Studios have made an optimum effort to do full justice in the final 3D output of Sholay as the legendary movie in original.

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