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ZeeQ joins hands with National Innovation Foundation - India

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 25-05-2013 15:41:50

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ZeeQ, India's first edutainment channel, has partnered with the Ahmedabad based National Innovation Foundation (NIF) – India to bring to air 70 commendable innovations by teenagers across India in a weekly 30 minute show 'Teenovation'. Teenovation, which airs on ZeeQ, is about children innovators who create brilliant solutions to the problems they saw around them. From automatic food makers to crutches with shock absorbers for the elderly - Ignite a competition by NIF and Teenovation, encourage children to think out of the box and open their mind to endless possibilities on problem solving.

Subhadarshi Tripathy, Business Head of ZeeQ said, "The ethos of ZeeQ lies in preparing children for the 21st century through programs and stories that educate, inform and build life skills. Through Teenovation, we want to provide children a strong platform to showcase their talent and knowledge. We are thankful to NIF in supporting us in this endeavor".of the  Teenovation team is travelling to villages in Gujarat, Kashmir, Delhi NCR region, Tamil Nadu, Pune, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab and capturing the real Teen-Innovatorson  reel.

National Innovation Foundation - India (NIF) is an autonomous Institution of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. It has been actively engaged in promoting creativity and innovation in our society. NIF is helping ZeeQ identify the teen innovators to feature from all over India. The foundation has currently provided ZeeQ with a database of over one hundred fifty innovations ZeeQ's team has filtered the entries and 70 of the most promising and commendable innovations are featuring ZeeQ's weekly programme, Teenovation.

Prof Anil K Gupta, Executive Vice Chair of NIF said, "Children today seem to be less patient with the problems than we, the elders who chose to live with them unsolved so long. NIF, through it's IGNITE national competition, is trying to harness this creative spirit of the children in and also out of school all around the country. NIF wants to promote originality and innovative spirit of our children so that when they become leaders of our society tomorrow, they can ensure an imaginative, inclusive and an innovative future for the country. Teenovation is an appreciable attempt on part of ZeeQ to seed this message in the minds of the children of our country. We hope more channels will follow suit"

Teenovation not only showcases the innovative teen ideas on television but will also elaborate the inspiration behind them. Through this show, ZeeQ is trying to ensure that the innovations of these young teenage scientists reach as many children as possible across India and to inspire them to also unleash their creativity. 

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