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Favicol's Navratri Special by Vaibhav Studio

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 10-10-2013 12:46:16

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The never ending creativity of Vaibhav Studio, decided to do something innovative to celebrate this Navratri. And yes, it had to be done in true Vaibhav Studio Style. 

Fevicol has named the current campaign 'Judh jaye tyohar pe' (bond over the festive season), extending its brand campaign with a short and sweet animation video. 

The campaign features two animated elephants in order to stay true to the brand mascots. The TVC reinforces the promise of a strong bond of togetherness on the festive occasion of Navratri.

Vaibhav Studios, creators of Simpoo, Birthday Bhoot,OogaBooga, BulaDi, ChulBuli, Amaron battery TVC campaign, Vodafone Parrot and several other most popular animated characters will again grab the attrntion of the viewers 'from October 8-13 including during India-Australia ODI.

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