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Digital-Tutors Announces New Training for 3ds Max 2014 - More Courses for Autodesk Media and Entertainment 2014 Applications

Posted By : Mukesh Dube    At 04-06-2013 00:01:18

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OklahomaCity, OK - June 3, 2013 - Digital-Tutors, providers of the world's largest CG, VFXand digital art training resource and Authorized Autodesk® Publisher, todayannounced the availability of new training for 3ds Max® 2014.

Students,developing artists and professionals now have access to training on the latestrelease, with more 3ds Max 2014 training coming to the Digital-Tutors traininglibrary over the next few weeks.

Thenew Introduction to 3ds Max 2014 brings together our mastertutors to teach subscribers about the entire pipeline with over 10 hours oftraining. Each tutor, with expertise in specific steps of the pipeline, sharesyears of professional experience for modeling, texturing, rigging, animation,dynamics, lighting, rendering and more.

Bythe end, the artists will be very comfortable working with 3ds Max 2014 and get hands on practice building an aircraftright alongside the tutors. Initial lessons are available for free with a demoaccount.

Morenew 3ds max 2014 training includes a new Skill-Builder tutorial on Interpretive Modeling in 3ds Max.Skill Builder tutorials are a new approach to watching training and includes aseries of exercises that help the artist learn new skills and apply them totheir own work even faster.

Thefirst lesson of a Skill-Builder tutorial covers the skill or technique, thesecond lesson goes into detail about the exercise for the artists and the thirdlesson compares the tutor's work to the artist's - helping the artist takeanother look into what could be improved.

SkillBuilder tutorials have already been well-received by artists and are availablefor Maya and ZBrush, as well.

Look for more new 3ds Max 2014 tutorials, Maya 2014 tutorials, Softimage 2014 tutorials, and Mudbox 2014 tutorials in the coming weeks.

See what else is new for subscribers this week on the June new-training page and learn all of the latest tips,techniques, and workflows.

Subscriptions and Availability

The latest releases and every tutorial in the world'slargest CG, VFX and digital art training resource are available with a subscription to Digital-Tutors. Free lessons are availableat the beginning of tutorials and more features can be unlocked with a free demo account to Digital-Tutors

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