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Animation Film on cockroaches by Shekhar Kapur

Posted By : Animation Galaxy    At 19-08-2013 14:52:55

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While Shekhar Kapur’s upcoming project Paani has fetched enough attention, he is set to make an animation movie on cockroaches. The movie which deals with the life of cockroaches and how they go about in their everyday routine. apparently, the director has just finished an animated film on cockroaches that features music by A. R. Rahman, while the songs are choreographed by Ahmed Khan.

The flm has been made in collaboration with a major animation studio. t is also being heard that the movie would be marketed by a well known Hollywood company. There are also plans to have the film dubbed in Hindi.

Titled A Suitable Cockroach, reports suggest the film is set in the future when the common household insect may be the only living organism on the planet.

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