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Wiz Studio releases New Poster for All India CG Digital Art Competition 2012!

Posted By : Dilip Pathak    At 27-03-2013 23:48:00

Tags : Wiz Studio Varun Mehta    

As the final stage for All India Cg Digital Art Competition 2012 coming closer. Wiz Animation Studio releases a new poster for the Competition to increase excitement for the last few weeks of the contest. Exactly 21 days to go by, the deadline of 18th October shall be marching soon to give a final chance to all participants to submit their best creation. The most Innovative thing about this contest is that the participants have to choose a theme of their own and submit their best creation. The judging criteria would be creativity rather than the technique. The Competition was started on August 27th 2012 on the facebook page of Wiz Studio. The Main Event shall be organized at Wiz Animation Studio on 28th October in Aligarh City where the results and prizes for the contest shall also be announced.

Varun Mehta, Founder of the Wiz Animation Studio has been the Main In charge behind the All India CG Competition. Where Arena Animation Aligarh and SAID (Society for Animation in Delhi) proud to be associated as supporting partners for the Event. Animation Galaxy and Animation Boss shall also be supporting the event as media partners.  For more details over the competition, Visit the official page of Wiz Animation Studio.


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